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  Looking to get you or your clients into the Cast It actor database? Every day over 400 of the world’s top casting directors use Cast It and access their actor databases looking for new talent or old favorites. Now talent reps and actors can join Cast It and ensure …

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Cast It has built the most robust, full featured online casting service available that allows casting directors, studios, directors, producers, and productions to share, view and comment on actors, auditions and reels.

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Cast It is used by every major film studio, the big five television networks and studios, and over 500 casting offices worldwide. Over 6,000 studio executives, production executives, producers and directors have Cast It accounts.

FileTrack Available

  Last year Cast It Systems launched FileTrack (formerly Script It), a new secure document management and distribution service for studios, productions companies, agencies, managers and writers. In development for over 2 years, and working closely with a major studio story department, FileTrack works as an online hub for storing, managing and …

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Cast It is Hiring in Los Angeles

CIS-Master-200JOB TITLE: Support Specialist

LOCATION: Santa Monica

Since 2004, Cast It Systems has been the leading provider of online casting solutions for the industry’s major film and television studios. And now with Cast It Talent, the talent rep and actor services web system and FileTrack, Cast It’s secure file and document management system, Cast It is one of the fastest growing entertainment-technology providers in Silicon Beach.


Are you the casting professional in the office that people always come to and ask “Hey, how do you…?” Do you have great people skills? Well if so, Cast It needs you!

Cast It is hiring a Los Angeles based Support Specialist!

We are looking for a passionate, proactive, responsive and outgoing customer support specialist  with at least 2 years of casting experience to join our support department. The support specialist will work closely with various team members from all departments to answer questions from our customers, to help resolve technical problems, and to provide the superior customer service that Cast It is known for.


  • Become proficient to provide Level 1 support for Cast It, Cast It Talent, and FileTrack support
  • Answer phone calls, emails, and social media questions from our customers
  • Train new casting professionals
  • Deliver/pick up cameras and computers in the Los Angeles area

This is a full time position. Please email for more information!

My All American Opens this Weekend

November 13, 2015 Cast It, Cast It Talent, News, Technology Comments Off on My All American Opens this Weekend

my_all_american_smlThe new feature film My All American opens this weekend. Congratulations to Amanda Mackey and Cathy Sandrich-Gelfond, the casting directors on this film, and to their entire casting team. Cast It was used throughout the casting process, from initial cast list generation, through to auditions review and actor selection.

Bridge of Spies Opens

October 20, 2015 Cast It, Cast It Talent, News, Technology Comments Off on Bridge of Spies Opens

bridge_of_spies_smlThe new historical spy thriller, Bridge of Spies, opened this past weekend. Congratulations to Ellen Lewis and Johanna Ragwitz, the casting directors on the film, and to the entire worldwide casting team.

Cast It was used throughout the casting process as the central online hub for storing actor choices, actor info, and of course videos, both audition video and rebel video. With casting teams in Los Angeles, New York and Germany, the filmmakers were able to view material in one central location, organized by role, city and special categories set up specifically for the director.

Red Oaks Available on Amazon

October 9, 2015 Cast It, Cast It Talent, News Comments Off on Red Oaks Available on Amazon

redoakstall_smlRed Oaks is available for streaming today on Amazon Prime. Congratulations to Carmen Cuba, the casting director on this new well-reviewed series. Carmen and her team used Cast It throughout the casting process, and also conducted an actor search for the role of David, using Cast It’s online actor search engine.

Sicario Opens This Weekend

October 2, 2015 Cast It, News, Technology Comments Off on Sicario Opens This Weekend

sicario_smlThe new feature film, Sicario, opens this weekend nationwide in theaters. Congratulations to Francine Maisler, the casting director on the film, and to the entire casting team. Cast It was used throughout the casting process with Francine’s team in Los Angeles and Jo Edna Bolden’s casting team in New Mexico both uploading actors, lists and video to one central project for the filmmakers to access and review.

The Intern Arrives

September 29, 2015 Cast It, Cast It Talent, News, Technology Comments Off on The Intern Arrives

TheIntern_smlThe new Warner Bros. feature film, The Intern, opened nationwide in theaters this past weekend. Congratulations to Tiffany Little Canfield, Laray Mayfield, Bernard Telsey, and David Vaccari, the casting directors on the film. Casting sessions from Los Angeles and New York were uploaded to Cast It, along with cast lists, actor choices, actor information, and of course audition videos. Along with the usual actor audition videos, Cast It was used to receive and store self-taped auditions sent in by actors from across the country who could not physically attend casting sessions.

Scorch Trials Wins Weekend

September 22, 2015 Cast It, Cast It Talent, Technology Comments Off on Scorch Trials Wins Weekend

The-Scorch-Trials-smlMaze Runner: The Scorch Trials was the top movie in tickets sales this past weekend. Congratulations to Denise Chamian, the casting director on the film, and to the entire casting team. With local casting teams in Los Angeles, New York and New Mexico, Cast It was used throughout the casting process as the online secured hub for storing cast lists, actors, actor information and video. Casting personnel manage and organize the information in the project as well as the video presented for each actor, whether that be an audition, an actor’s reel or scene, or a self-taped audition sent in by an actor. Access to the project is then shared with the filmmakers and the studio executives for them to review.

Mr. Robot Finale Tonight

September 2, 2015 Cast It, News Comments Off on Mr. Robot Finale Tonight

p11682476_b_v9_aaThe Season 1 finale of Mr. Robot airs tonight on USA network. Congratulations to the series casting team of Beth Bowling, Kim Miscia, and Susie Farris. Throughout the season, the casting team relied on Cast It as the online hub for tracking each episode’s cast lists, actors considered, and video uploads for auditions and actor reels. Only Cast It allows casting directors and studio execs to track and archive individual episodes for every season that the show is active.

Straight Outta Compton Cruises

August 18, 2015 Cast It, Cast It Talent, Technology Comments Off on Straight Outta Compton Cruises

comptonThe new N.W.A biopic film, Straight Outta Compton, was this past weekend’s top grossing movie. Congratulations to Cindy Tolan, the casting director on the film, and to the entire casting team.

Cast It was used throughout the casting process, including the national actor search for all of the lead roles in the film. With an online search portal powered by Cast It that allowed anyone to upload their headshot and self-taped audition for the casting team to review, as well as remote location casting teams in Boston, Chicago, Texas and the UK, Cast It served as the primary hub for the various casting teams to upload and organize cast lists, actor choices, and of course audition videos. Once posted, the filmmakers and studio execs could view the material, provide feedback, and ultimately make their approvals.

8 of 10, Top 5 Sweep

August 11, 2015 Cast It, Cast It Talent, News, Technology Comments Off on 8 of 10, Top 5 Sweep

mi5-SMLEight of the top 10 grossing movies from this past weekend used Cast It during their casting and actor approval process. In fact, it was a Cast It clean sweep of the top 5 movies as well!

Thank you to all of the casting, studio and filmmaking professionals who selected Cast It as their online casting platform.



- Over 700 casting offices worldwide ready to upload
- The preferred casting system used & refined by leaders in the casting community
- Studio-approved security for infrastructure and software platform
- Centralized online hub for all casting & production related videos, organized by your casting team
- End to end casting tools & actor database to help you build lists, find actors, & generate new ideas based on your talent preferences
- Online open call engine to help you find new talent & fresh faces from around the globe
- Unrivaled customer support
- Used by every major Hollywood studio & network

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New Actor Search Opens


A new actor search for an untitled Blumhouse feature film is now open for self-taped video submissions. Casting for the role of “Eric”, a boy age 9 to 11 years old. For more information please visit the Cast It powered search site:

Actor Search for Bruce Lee


The upcoming Groundswell Productions and Kylin Films feature film project, Birth of the Dragon, is conducting an online search for the lead role, Bruce Lee. Anyone interested in submitting should have extensive martial arts training and experience. For more information, please visit: Birth of the Dragon Search

Conjuring 2 Actor Search


The new Warner Bros/New Line Cinema feature film, Conjuring 2, is looking for kids (British / UK)  to play lead and supporting roles. Self-taped auditions can now be submitted through the Cast It powered web site at:

American Actor Search Opens


A new major studio feature film is actively searching for American actors to play two major roles through Cast It Talent. Current members and new actors can submit to this project for free either by logging in at, or by visiting the online search site for the film at:

Focus Takes the Weekend


Will Smith’s new feature Focus opened as the top grossing movie for the previous weekend. Congratulations to Tiffany Little Canfield, Bernard Telsey, and David Vaccari, the casting directors on the film. The New York-based independent casting team, the Los Angeles-based studio casting department, and the Buenos Aires-based local casting team all worked …

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